Texas 2023 4-Day Workshop

Radar & Electronic Warfare School

This 4-day workshop is divided into two, two-day mini-courses. The course is based on an experiential approach, where students will learn theory and then immediately build or test hardware that demonstrates the key learnings. You may take either mini-course or take them both for a full 4-day workshop.

In the first mini-course, you will learn the basics of modern digital radio communication and radar system. Working in a team, you will build several modern architectures such as the QAM radio found in your cell phone and a Bluetooth radio. In addition you will build a frequency modulated, continuous wave radar (FMCW).

The second mini-course is on electronic warfare (EW). In this course you will learn the vulnerabilities of radio and radar systems and how they can be negatively affected by EW. You will then learn methods to counter act EW, including avoiding jamming and spoofing. Using a software defined radio, you will learn how to spoof a garage door opener or key fob as well as how to jam common wireless systems.

The workshops are suitable for undergraduates. We recommend some previous radio system background if you only take the EW mini-course.

On campus housing will be provided (free) for UG students. Limited spaces are available, so apply soon!

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